getGroups Method

Returns a list of groups under a Master/Enterprise (Mega) quote or order, specific for a member-type.

parentIdRequiredOpportunity ID.
contextIdRequiredParent cart ID (Master or Enterprise quote or order ID).
pageSizeOptional: Defaults to 20Page size for pagination.
offsetOptional: Defaults to 0Offset for pagination.
cartTypeOptional: Defaults to QuoteQuote or order.
memberTypeOptional: Defaults to return all the typesCPQ Group Member Type Name. For example: ServicePoint.
isGroupAssociatedWithCartOptional: Defaults to trueTrue value will try to fetch and return the corresponding Group-Cart record as well.
searchByOptionalSub-string to search within the group and it’s members. Returns matching search results as a response.
resultJSONResult with Group and corresponding Cart record (If applicable). Please see sample output for details.