Make Sure Your IDE Is Configured for Java

Many integrated development environments (IDEs) are configured for Java by default. If your IDE isn't, make sure to add the Java features you need. For example, the Visual Studio Code IDE has an Extension Pack for Java.

To configure Visual Studio Code:

  1. Click the Extensions icon and type java in the search field. Find Extension Pack for Java and click Install.

  2. If a message on the Extension Pack for Java tab says you must install Java or a higher version of Java, click the button and run the installation.

  3. Locate the home folder for Java. For example:

  4. Open the Visual Studio Code Settings tab. To open Settings on a Mac, type command-comma.

  5. Type java.home in the Settings tab search field.

  6. Select User, then click the Edit in settings.json link.

  7. Add the path to the Java home folder to the settings.json file and save the file. For example:

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