Populate Cache Batch Process

You can populate and initialize the cache by running batch jobs from the CMT Administration screen.

For an overview of Digital Commerce caching, see Digital Commerce API Caching.

The following table describes the purpose of each of the jobs:

Batch JobDescriptionInterface and ImplementationCustom Settings
ContextEligibilityGeneratorPopulates the cache with eligible offers for individual context combinations. This data is used in the GetOffers and GetContainOffers jobs.ContextEligibilityBatchJobRecordCacheAPI.GetRelOffersCacheRecLimit CacheAPI.MaxGetRelOffersCacheRecLimit
EcomDataProfileGeneratorPopulates the cache with Products, Promotions, and PCIMap data for existing products related to each catalog. This data is used in the ContextEligibilityGenerator job.DataProfileBatchJobRecordCacheAPI.CombinationLimit CacheAPI.MaxCombinationLimit
RuleSetCombinationGeneratorPopulates the cache with RuleSet context combinations. This data is used in the ContextEligibilityGenerator job.RuleSetCombinationBatchJobRecordCacheAPI.GetOffersCacheRecLimit CacheAPI.MaxGetOffersCacheRecLimit
GetContainOffersPopulates the cache with the parent offers for individual offers.GetRelatedOffersBatchJobRecordNone
GetOfferDetailsPopulates the cache with the details of individual offers (both products and promotions).GetOfferDetailsBatchJobRecordNone
GetOffersPopulates the cache with the list of offers for individual context combinations.GetOffersBatchJobRecordNone
GetOffersHierarchyHelperPopulates the cache with the hierarchy of bundles. This data is used in the GetOfferDetails job.GetOffersHierarchyBatchJobRecordNone
GetPricesPopulates the cache with the prices of products.GetPricesBatchJobRecordNone

To run the Populate API Cache batch jobs:

  1. Navigate to the Vlocity CMT Administration screen.

  2. Click Start next to Populate API Cache.

    The Populate API Cache screen appears. The illustration below shows a sample of the Populate API Cache screen,

    Populate API cache

  3. Make any of the following optional settings:

    • To specify a particular cache job to run, check the box next to the job name.

    • To specify that all of the cache jobs should run, check the box next to Name.

    • To specify that you want to populate the cache with information from one or more catalogs, select the checkbox next to each catalog.

    • To specify that you want to populate the cache with information from all active catalogs, select the All checkbox under Catalogs.

    • Use the Effective Start Date and Expiration Date fields to specify the length of time the cache is active.

  4. Click OK. You receive a confirmation about whether the job or jobs have run successfully.

    The Populate API Cache page shows only those catalogs marked as Active

    You can also run the Digital Commerce API cache jobs remotely using APEX. See Running Maintenance and Digital Commerce Cache Jobs Remotely.