Preferred method: OAuth policy configuration for the Connected App

This option is preferred as it works in every situation. The alternative method requires having access to an admin user for the organization.

  1. Open the connected application menu, find the connected application for Digital Commerce and click Manage and select Edit Policies.

  2. Under Oauth2 Policies, set Permitted users option to Admin approved users are pre-authorized.

    DCG Connected App Setup - Admin

  3. Click Save. You now see a Profiles section in the Edit Policies page.

  4. Add the profile of the DCG assigned user to the Profiles section of the connected application.

    DCG Connected App Setup - Profiles

    DCG Connected App Setup - Oauth Web server flow

  5. Click Manage Profiles and select the profile you selected above (System Administrator is recommended) from the list.

    DCG Connected App Setup - Manage profiles

  6. Save the selected profile.

  7. In Manage App > Connected Apps, find the application you just created and ensure the settings are as below:

    DCG Connected App Setup - Settings