Prepare to Use the Regenerate Cache APIs

Before you can use the Regenerate Cache APIs, you must configure a trigger, a setting, and a picklist. Then you must run two CMT Administration jobs.

  1. In Custom Settings, Trigger Setup, enable the CacheAPI.CacheManagement trigger. See Enable the Cache Management Trigger.

  2. In CPQ Configuration Custom Settings, set CacheAPI.RegenerateBatchCacheProcessor to true. See Setting Up Your CPQ Configuration Settings.

  3. Make sure the CachedAPIChange object has its vlocity_cmt__ChangeType__c and vlocity_cmt__CodeType__c picklists defined. See Picklist Value Activation.

  4. In CMT Administration, run the Product Hierarchy Maintenance and Clear Managed Platform Cache Jobs.

  5. Use the Populate Cache APIs. If you've been following this workflow, you've already done so.

    Don't use the Vlocity CMT Administration Cacheable API Jobs (batch APEX) while using the cache management APIs. Use either the batch APEX jobs or the cache management APIs, not both.

Run the RegenerateCacheOrchestratorApplication Class