Regenerate Cache Job

As users make their way down the commerce funnel towards purchasing the product, you organically create the cached based on the request made to the CPQ Engine. As time goes by, you end up with a robust set of cached records within your cached response object.

However, when a product administrator makes changes to an existing product catalog, for example, modifying an associated attribute or price, we then update the existing cache that corresponds to the change. This brings us to the second way to manage the cache, which is by executing the Regenerate Cache job. This job concentrates on making updates to the existing cache based on changes made to the product catalog.

There are two ways to execute the Regenerate Cache jobs. You can decide which method to choose based on the size of your catalog and the time it takes to execute each job.

Avoid mixing or interrupting cache management APIs with cache management batch jobs and vice-versa. Choose a method for executing cache management and maintainĀ a consistent execution pattern.

  • A batch process named Regenerate API Cache, available through the CMT Administration UI.

    Each job works by executing several different APEX jobs.

  • Regenerate Cache APIs, available as REST APIs.

    These are Cache Management APIs that can make API calls inĀ parallel, which can dramatically speed up the process of populating your cache.