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SDK Example: Update Billing and Shipping Details (Winter '20)

Use the example SDK code in this topic to update user account billing and shipping details.

Possible error conditions:

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have email."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have billingCity."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have billingState."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have billingAddress."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have billingZipCode."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have shippingCity."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have shippingState."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have shippingAddress."

"UpdateBillingDetailsInput::getRequestPayload() must have shippingZipCode."