Cache Management sObjects

The cache management mechanism listens to the following sObjects.

  • Attribute Assignment(AttributeAssignment__c)
  • Catalog (Catalog__c)
  • Catalog Product Relationship (CatalogProductRelationship__c)
  • Price List Entry (PriceListEntry__c)
  • Product (Product2)
  • Product Child Item (ProductChildItem__c)
  • Product Configuration Procedure (ProductConfigurationProcedure__c)
  • Product Relationship (ProductRelationship__c)
  • Promotion (Promotion__c)
  • Promotion Item (PromotionItem__c)
  • Vlocity Calculation Matrix Row (CalculationMatrixRow__c)
  • Vlocity Context Dimension (ContextDimension__c)
  • Vlocity Entity Filter Condition (EntityFilterCondition__c)
  • Vlocity Entity Filter (EntityFilter__c)
  • Vlocity Rule Assignment (RuleAssignment__c)
  • Vlocity Rule (Rule__c)
  • Vlocity Attachment(VlocityAttachment__c)