Use Trim Mode to Decrease Overhead

You use trim mode to reduce the amount of data returned by basket operations, resulting in reduced network traffic and improved performance.

To enable trim mode, set the trimmode configuration setting see CPQ Configuration Settings Reference . You can also pass trimmode as a parameter to the API call. Note that trimmode API parameter overrides the value set for the CacheAPI.TrimMode custom setting.

For example, to specify trimmode as a parameter in the API call:

The CacheAPI.trimmode custom setting and the trimmode API parameter are available only in Winter '21 release or later. Using trim mode with the Winter '21 requires creating an interface and implementation; see Using trim mode with the Winter '21 release. It is not necessary to create an interface for version Spring '21 and later.

For additional information and examples about using the Basket APIs, see: Basket Operations.

When you use the response from the Basket API call and pass it as a request body to the Create Cart API, a valid order is created. An example is shown below.