Diagnostic Tool for Standard Cart APIs

Users can invoke the diagnostic tool for Standard Cart APIs remotely. The TelcoAdminConsoleController supports following types of remote calls for diagnostic APIs.

  • getDiagnosticDetailsreturns a list of string (name of diagnostics to be performed). No parameter is required.
  • executeDiagnostics executes the diagnostic and returns the result of diagnostic in output. Requires name of the diagnostic as diagnosticName parameter.

Below is a sample code, which performs the diagnostic remotely and generates the output in apex debug log files.

Sample Output: Diagnostic Output

To add pre/post hook logic on the diagnostic APIs, create an interface record with name StdCartDiagnosticHook and create an interface implementation with a custom class as the implementation.

Sample Custom Class:

In the Vlocity CMT Administration UI, diagnostic details are displayed as follows.

Sample Output:

Diagnostic Details