Standard Cart APIs

The standard cart APIs leverage standard Salesforce libraries, Scale Cache for optimized processing, and refactored pricing and validation methods to minimize the number of SOQL queries and DML operations. These enhancements improve the performance of the APIs. You can enable only the following standard cart APIs. The cart APIs will continue to work using Apex libraries. We recommend that you review the usage considerations before enabling the standard cart APIs.

  • Get Cart Items (getCartsItems)
  • Get Line Items by ID (getCartsItemsById)
  • Get List of Products (getCartsProducts)
  • Add Items to Cart (postCartsItems)
  • Asset to Order (assetToOrder)
  • Update (putCartsItems)
  • Replace Offers (replaceOffers)
  • Get Cart Summary (getCarts)
  • Run Pricing for Items to Cart (priceCart)

For more information, see Standard Cart REST APIs Reference.