Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to these common questions about the Communications Cloud TM Forum APIs.

  • How can we create attribute categories?

    Use a default Attribute Category, which is pre-created and configured for use with TMF620 (assuming there is no hard-coding).

  • With respect to the price, how do we support cases such as attribute-based pricing? How does it relate to the payload?

    Attribute-based pricing is not handled by TMF620 specification. It requires custom extensions to support it.

  • Are there any extension points in TMF620 to add additional functionality (for example, support additional objects and fields in Salesforce)?

    Users can configure TMF fields to the customer desired fields by using DataRaptors for the corresponding API. Additionally, IP provides the flexibility for the customer to have their own implementation of the API method. With the custom metadata they can also change the VIP that they want to use for serving an API. We have also exposed the interfaces for certain resources to replace the business logic of the API methods.

  • For a product specification or offering, a customer has characteristics of datatype picklist. How can the customer figure out from the TMF 620 GET API on what's the selected value?

    The isDefault attribute is set to true for the selected value in the productSpecCharacteristicValue node within the response for TMF 620 GET API.