TMF620 Product Catalog Management (Outbound)

Use the TMF620 Product Catalog Management API (outbound) to publish a product offer from Salesforce to a target system through MuleSoft.

  • When a product offer is created or updated in EPC, using TMF620 Product Catalog Management API (outbound) catalog managers can publish the offer to external system(s).
  • The external system(s) can be an order management system, or a billing management system, or any other charging system that needs the salesforce CRM product offers and product structures to function.
  • The TMF620 Product Catalog Management outbound API initiates an asynchronous HTTP call to MuleSoft AnyPoint platform with request body as offer details in TMF format in addition to the target system details. The MuleSoft layer queues the request and invokes a synchronous call to target system(s) if the target system(s) are configured at the MuleSoft layer. Based on the response of the target system(s), MuleSoft layer updates salesforce CMR's ProductPublishEvent__c table with either Success or Failure status.
  • Supported REST operations for TMF620 Product Catalog Management API (outbound)
    • POST Offer
    • PATCH Offer
  • Currently, each product offering is published individually. Bulk provisioning is unavailable.
  • TMF620 Product Catalog Management API (inbound) functioning is required.

To view the integration app details, prequisites, and post deployment tasks, see MuleSoft Exchange.