Category Resource Mappings

Before using the TMF620 category resource mappings, refer the following.

  • The ids and names sent in the subResource (subCategory / productOffering) must be present in the system to create a new relationship.
  • Patching of the subresource productOffering is supported for the patchCategory API. Patching of the relationship is possible if both the id and name sent in the request for a productOffering are present in the system.
  • The names of the catagories are unique when patching. Ensure that name field remains unique in the PATCH request.
  • Category - Incoming id and name of this node can only be matched with global key and name of the product. This is cannot be customized to change the matching criteria or to add additional matching criteria(s).
  • Product specification creation is done through product specification API assuming the category is already created and linking of product to a specific category is done through product specification API.
  • Catalog relationship name is same as child catalog (sub-category name).
  • Id in the request/response bodies is mapped to GlobalKey__c in the catalog object.
  • Category replicates the catalog object in Salesforce. Catalog relationship is created with category resource.
  • Any category or sub-category not available must be created.
FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionPrerequisiteIs mandatory?
descriptionstringDescribes the catalog.vlocity_cmt__Description__cDescribes the parent category.NANo
lastUpdatedatetimeSpecifies the date and time of the last update.LastModifiedDateSpecifies the last updated date of the category.NANo
lifecycleStatusstringSpecifies the current lifecycle status.vlocity_cmt__IsActive__cSpecifies if the parent category is active.If lifecycleStatus value is 'Active' in the payload, vlocity_cmt__IsActive__c is set to True, else False.No
namestringRequired. Specifies the name of the catalog.NameSpecifies the lookup field from the catalog object for the parent catalog name.NAYes
idstringSpecifies the catalog ID.vlocity_cmt__GlobalKey__cSpecifies the unique ID of the category resource.NANo
validFor - startDateTime/endDateTimetime periodSpecifies the period for which the catalog is valid.vlocity_cmt__StartDateTime__c/vlocity_cmt__EndDateTime__cSpecifies the validity of the category.NANo
@typestringDefines the subclass extensible name when subclassing.Resource name (Catalog)Specifies that the sObject name is Category.NAYes
isRootbooleanIndicates whether the category is a root category (true) or a child category (false).vlocity_cmt__IsCatalogRoot__cSpecifies if the parent catalog is a root catalog or a child catalog.NANo
hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference of the category.TMF Category URL + vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.IdSpecifies the GET URL of the TMF Category ending with the ID field.NANo
subCategoryobjectThe category resource is used to group product offerings, service and resource candidates in logical containers.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__cSpecifies the relation between catalogs.Link a product catalog to the category.Yes
productOfferingstringA product offering represents entities that are orderable from the provider of the catalog.Product2Specifies the relation between product catalogs.NANo
FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionPrerequisiteIs mandatory?
subCategory.namestringSpecifies the name field in the subcategory.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.NameSpecifies the lookup field from the catalog object for the child catalog name.NAYes
subCategory.idstringSpecifies the ID field in the subcategory.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.vlocity_cmt__GlobalKey__cSpecifies the global key field of the catalog object.NANo
subCategory.hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference field in the subcategory.TMF Category URL + vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.IdSpecifies the GET URL of the TMF catalog ending with the ID field.NANo
subCategory.@typestringDefines the resource type.resource name 'catalog'Specifies that the sObject of the subCategory node is Catalog.NANo
FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionPrerequisiteIs mandatory?
productOffering.namestringSpecifies the name of the product offering.Product2.NameSpecifies the name of products linked to the parent catalog.NANo
productOffering.idstringSpecifies the product offering ID.Product2.vlocity_cmt__GlobalKey__cSpecifies the global key field of the Product2 object.NANo
productOffering.hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference field in the product offering.TMF Product2 URL + Product2.IdSpecifies the GET URL of the TMF productOffering ending with the ID field.NANo
productOffering.@typestringDefines the resource type.resource name 'productOffering'Specifies that the resource name is productOffering.NANo