Category Resource Mappings

FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionIs mandatory for the CPQ or EPC implementation?
descriptionstringDescribes the catalog.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.vlocity_cmt__Description__cDescribes the parent category.No
lastUpdatedatetimeSpecifies the date and time of the last update.Last Modified DateSpecifies the last updated date of the category.No
lifecycleStatusstringSpecifies the current lifecycle status.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.vlocity_cmt__IsActive__cSpecifies if the parent category is active.No
namestringRequired. Specifies the name of the catalog.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.NameSpecifies the lookup field from the catalog object for the parent catalog name.Yes
idstringSpecifies the catalog ID.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.GlobalKey__cSpecifies the unique ID of the category resource.No
validFor - startDateTime/endDateTimeobjectSpecifies the period for which the catalog is valid.vlocity_cmt__StartDateTime__c/vlocity_cmt__EndDateTime__cSpecifies the validity of the category.No
relatedPartyarrayDefines a party or party role that's linked to a specific entity.vlocity_cmt__VendorAccount__cSpecifies the field that's derived from the vendor column of the catalog object.No
@typestringDefines the subclass extensible name when subclassing.Resource name (Catalog)Specifies that the sObject name is Category.Yes
isRoot-/--/-vlocity_cmt__IsCatalogRoot__cSpecifies if the parent catalog is a root catalog or a child catalog.No
hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference of the category.TMF Category Url + CategorySpecifies the GET URL of the TMF Category ending with the ID field.No
subCategory.namestringSpecifies the name field in the subcategory.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.NameSpecifies the lookup field from the catalog object for the child catalog name.Yes
subCategory.idstringSpecifies the ID field in the subcategory.vlocity_cmt__Catalog__c.GlobalKey__cSpecifies the global key field of the catalog object.Yes
subCategory.hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference field in the subcategory.TMF base Url + 'catalog/' + catalogSpecifies the GET URL of the TMF catalog ending with the ID field.No
subCategory.@typestringDefines the resource type.resource name 'catalog'Specifies that the sObject of the subCategory node is Catalog.No
productOffering.namestringSpecifies the name of the product offering.vlocity_cmt_Product2__c.NameSpecifies the name of products linked to the parent catalog.Yes
productOffering.idstringSpecifies the product offering ID.vlocity_cmt_Product2__c.GlobalKey__cSpecifies the global key field of the Product2 object.Yes
productOffering.hrefstringSpecifies the hyperlink reference field in product offering.TMF base Url + 'productOffering/' + productSpecifies the GET URL of the TMF productOffering ending with the ID field.No
productOffering.@typestringDefines the resource type.resource name 'productOffering'Specifies that the resource name is productOffering.No