Data Raptors

Integration Procedures use Data Raptor transformations to convert the TMF format to specific mappings that can be extended. You can use Data Raptors on the following APIs:

  • GET method of the following resources:
    • Product Specification
    • Product Offering
  • POST method of the following resources:
    • Product specification
    • Product Offering
    • Product Offering Price
    • Catalog
    • Category

In case of additional mappings, you can configure the IPs without modifying the code.
Note: You can extend only the root resources and not the sub-resources.

To create additional mappings, extend the following Data Raptors:

Example: Extend the POST method of the Product Specification resource

  1. If a new field CustomField__c is passed in the POST request of Product Specification, add a new custom field CustomField__c on the sObject Product2.
  2. Update the TMF-TMForumProductSpecificationRequestTransform Data Raptor and add the relevant mapping.