Get answers to these common questions about Communications Cloud TM Forum API.

How can I use the Salesforce TM Forum APIs with my Salesforce Communications Cloud instances?
To learn how to use the API, use the docs: Get Started, API Reference. Communications Cloud users can use the Salesforce TM Forum API in their Salesforce instances (production, staging, and sandboxes).

Do I need to purchase MuleSoft to use the new TM Forum APIs?
To access the Industry API, you do not need to purchase MuleSoft. The Salesforce TM Forum API are accessible as REST API. MuleSoft is used as the underlying API management platform and has no effect on how you interact with the API.
To access the Industry Integrations, you have to purchase a MuleSoft instance. The pre-built integrations are deployed in your MuleSoft instance to enable extensibility. If you already have a MuleSoft instance, you can leverage it to connect to Salesforce.

When will the other TM Forum APIs be available?
In future releases, Salesforce will introduce more TM Forum API.

Which version of Salesforce can be used for the new TM Forum API?
Salesforce Winter'23 release (API v56.0)