Product Offering Price Resource Mappings

FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionIs mandatory for the CPQ or EPC API implementation?Is Supported?
namestringRequired. Specifies the name of the product offering price.PriceListEntry__c .NameSpecifies the reference number of the price list entry.YesYes
descriptionstringSpecifies the description of the product offering price.PriceListEntry__c DisplayText__cDescribes the price list entry.NoYes
validForobjectSpecifies the period for which the product offering price is valid.PriceListEntry__c EffectiveUntilDate__c EffectiveFromDate__c-/-NoYes
priceTypestringSpecifies a category that describes the price charge, such as recurring, discount, allowance, penalty, and so forth.PricingElementId__r: PricingVariableId__r: ChargeType__c-/-YesYes
recurringChargePeriodTypestringSpecifies the charge period to apply the price again, which can be a month, week, and so on.PricingElementId__r: PricingVariableId__r: RecurringFrequency__c-/-YesYes
priceobjectSpecifies the amount of money that characterizes the price.PricingElementId__r: Amount__c PricingElementId__r: CurrencyCode__c-/-YesYes
productOfferingTermarraySpecifies a condition with which a product offering is made available to customers. For instance, a product offering can be offered with multiple commitment periods.Promotion__c-/-NoYes
recurringChargePeriodLengthintegerSpecifies the period of the recurring charge: 1, 2, and so on. The recurringChargePeriodLength field is set to zero if not applicable.NA-/-NoNo
lifecycleStatusstringSpecifies the lifecycle status of the product offering price.NA-/-NoYes
unitOfMeasureobjectSpecifies a number and unit representing the number of the product offerings available at the offered price. The unit of measure depends on the priceType property, which can be a price, rate, or discount.NA-/-NoYes
placearrayDefines the places where the products are sold or delivered.NA-/-NoNo
constraintarrayRepresents a policy or rule that's applied to the product offering price.NA-/-NoNo
pricingLogicAlgorithmarrayRepresents an instantiation of an interface specification to external rating function without a modeled behavior in SID. Some interface definition parameters, such as price per unit, are already set or gathered during the rating process. The parameters are gathered from the event, such as call duration or from ProductCharacteristicValues, such as assigned bandwidth during the rating process.NA-/-NoNo
taxarraySpecifies a list of tax items (TaxItem [*]), which are the charges levied on the price of a product by a legislative body.NA-/-NoNo
popRelationshiparraySpecifies a list of product offering price relationships (ProductOfferingPriceRelationship [*]). For example, a price alteration, such as an allowance or a discount.NA-/-NoNo
@baseTypestringDefines the super class when subclassing.NANANoNo
@schemaLocationstringSpecifies the URI to a JSON schema file that defines additional attributes and relationships.NANANoNo
@typestringDefines the subclass extensible name when subclassing.NANANoNo