Product Offering Price Resource Mappings

Before using the TMF620 product offering price resource mappings, refer the following.

  • The GlobalKey__c is sent as the id in the POST response. External Id field is left empty.
  • The priceType and recurringChargePeriodType are picklist values, which are already created in the org.
  • Correct price unit must be sent as per the org. Example if the org has dollar, then send USD.
  • Pricing element and pricing variable are important to create a price list entry.
  • Only mandatory TMF and Salesforce nodes are mapped.
  • Linking the pricing with any product is not supported, as TMF does not have a node to identify product.
FieldTypeDescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionPrerequisiteIs mandatory?
namestringRequired. Specifies the name of the product offering price.vlocity_cmt__PriceListEntry__c.NameSpecifies the reference number of the price list entry.NAYes
descriptionstringSpecifies the description of the product offering price.vlocity_cmt__PriceListEntry__c.vlocity_cmt__DisplayText__cDescribes the price list entry.NANo
validForobjectSpecifies the period for which the product offering price is valid.vlocity_cmt__PriceListEntry__c.vlocity_cmt__EffectiveUntilDate__c vlocity_cmt__PriceListEntry__c.vlocity_cmt__EffectiveFromDate__cSpecifies the effective dates when the price list entry is active.NANo
priceTypestringSpecifies a category that describes the price charge, such as recurring, discount, allowance, penalty, and so forth.vlocity_cmt__PricingElementId__r.vlocity_cmt__PricingVariableId__r.vlocity_cmt__ChargeType__cSpecifies the price type such as one time, recurring, and so on.NAYes
recurringChargePeriodTypestringSpecifies the charge period to apply the price again, which can be a month, week, and so on.vlocity_cmt__PricingElementId__r.vlocity_cmt__PricingVariableId__r.vlocity_cmt__RecurringFrequency__cSpecifies the recurring frequency of the price list entry.NAYes
priceobjectSpecifies the amount of money that characterizes the price.vlocity_cmt__PricingElementId__r.vlocity_cmt__Amount__c vlocity_cmt__PricingElementId__r.vlocity_cmt__CurrencyCode__cSpecifies the amount with the currency code.NAYes
productOfferingTermarraySpecifies a condition with which a product offering is made available to customers. For instance, a product offering can be offered with multiple commitment periods.vlocity_cmt__Promotion__cSpecifies the promotion associated with the price list entry.NANo
lifecycleStatusstringSpecifies the lifecycle status of the product offering price.vlocity_cmt__PriceListEntry__c.vlocity_cmt__IsActive__cSpecifies the lifecycle status of the price list entry.NANo
lastUpdatedate timeSpecfies the last modified date and time for the product offering price.LastModifiedDateSpecifies the last modified date and time of the price list entryNANo
vlocity_cmt__PriceList__cSpecifies the price list.A valid Pricelist name must be configured in the TMForumPriceList metadata.Yes