Custom Metadata

Get to know the custom metadata components for TMF621 API resources. Custom Metadata types enable you to create your own setup objects with records as metadata rather than data.

After an upgrade, ensure the custom metadata values are updated as per the values in these tables. If any of the values aren't updated automatically, manually update the values as per the corresponding values in the table.

MetaDataNameDescriptionDefault valueRelease VersionUsed InIncluded in the CME managed package
TMForumCreateTroubleTicketVIPNameInvoked by the POST Troubleticket API. See Extend TMF621 API for modifications.TMF_TMForumCreateTroubleTicket58.0POST method of Trouble TicketYes
TMForumTroubleTicketMethodsDefines the available methods for Troubleticket API.GET,POST58.0GET and POST method of Trouble TicketYes
TMForumEnablePageInfoIf value is set to true PageInfo and PageSize will be enabled in the responseTRUE56.0GET and POST method of all TMF APIsYes
TMForumREPageSizeApplies a set limit to query the related entities of a primary entity.200056.0GET and POST method of all TMF APIsYes
TMForumPageSizeApplies a set page limit to query the primary entity.5056.0GET and POST method of all TMF APIsYes
TMForumDefaultAttributeCategoryReuses or creates the attributes of an incoming payload of product specifications or offerings. The attributes are grouped to the Vlocity attribute category. The TMForumDefaultAttributeCategory metadata value can be replaced depending on the business logic.TMForum56.0POST method of Product Specification and Product OfferingYes
TMForumTroubleTicketVIPNameInvoked by the GET Troubleticket API. See Extend TMF621 API for modifications.tmf_TMForumTroubleTicket58.0GET method of Trouble TicketYes
TMForumTroubleTicketRequestDRMaps the salesforce field to the TMF field.TMFTMForumTransformTroubleTicketInput58.0GET method of Trouble TicketYes