Custom Metadata

Get to know the custom metadata components for TMF622 API resources. Custom Metadata types enable you to create your own setup objects with records as metadata rather than data.

  • After an upgrade, ensure the Value and Default Valuefield values are updated as per the values in these tables. If any of the values aren't updated automatically, manually update the values as per the corresponding values in the table.
  • If any customer wants to restrict the OOB values available for the API, then Default Value field must be updated with the respective values. Because, the value of the Default Value field is takes precedence over the Value field value. We do not recommend changing the values of these two fields to different values.
    For example, if the customer wants to implement only GET for TMF622 API, then the Default Value field of the metadata record TMForumProductOrderMethods must be changed to GET instead of GET,POST.
Metadata NameDescriptionDefault ValueAvailable VersionIncluded in the CME managed package? (Yes/No)
TMForumRequestURLPrefixIndicates the request URL prefix for the TMF APIs/services/apexrest/vlocity_cmt/tmforum/productopenapi/v1/58Yes
TMForumCreateProductOrderVIPNameInvoked by the POST method of productOrder API.tmf_TMForumCreateProductOrder58Yes
TMForumProductOrderMethodsDefines the available methods for the productOrder API.GET,Post58Yes
TMForumProductOrderRequestDRDR name that's used to Invoke the GET and POST methods of productOrder API.TMFTMForumTransformProductOrderRequest58Yes
TMForumProductOrderVIPNameInvoked by the GET method of productOrder API.tmf_TMForumProductOrder58Yes
TMForumREPageSizeApplies a set limit to query the related entities of a primary entity.200058Yes
TMForumEnablePageInfoIndicates whether to enable the PageInfo and PageSize parameters in the response (true) or not (false).TRUE58Yes
TMForumPriceListMetadata to configure PriceList.B2C58Yes