TMF622 Resource Mappings

These default mappings are supported for the TMF622 resources:

TMForum FieldField typeTMForum DescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionIs Mandatory?Prerequisite
descriptionstringDescription of the product order.Order.DescriptionSpecifies the description of an order.NoNA
externalIdstringID given by the consumer and only understandable by him (to facilitate his searches afterwards).Order.OrderReferenceNumberSpecifies the external ID of an order.NoNA
requestedCompletionDateDateTimeRequested delivery date from the requestor perspective.Order.vlocity_cmt__RequestedCompletionDate__cSpecifies the requested completion date of an order.NoNA
requestedStartDateDateTimeOrder fulfillment start date wished by the requestor. This is used when the requestor cannot allow seller to begin to operationally begin the fulfillment before a date.order.vlocity_cmt__RequestedStartDate__cSpecifies the requested start date of an order.YesNA
orderDateDateTimeDate when the order was created.Order.createdDateSpecifies the created date of the order.YesNA
channelA list of related channels (RelatedChannel [*]). Related channel to another entity. May be online web, mobile app, social ,etc.order.vlocity_cmt__OriginatingChannel__cSpecifies the originating channel of an order.NoNA
noteA list of notes (Note [*]). Extra information about a given entity.order.vlocity_cmt__Notes__cSpecifies notes, if any, for an order.NoNA
productOrderItemA list of product order items (ProductOrderItem [1..*]). An identified part of the order. A product order is decomposed into one or more order items.OrderItemSpecifies the items of an order.YesProducts in the input payload must be available in the Salesforce org for creating an order. Products must have a valid EPC setup and price list entries.
relatedPartyA list of related parties (RelatedParty [*]). Related Entity reference. A related party defines party or party role linked to a specific entity.AccountSpecifies the account to which an order belongs to.YesrelatedParty must be available in the input payload for creating an order. ‘relatedParty[0]’ is considered as account details from the incoming request. This account must be available in Salesforce with incoming role as the record type. name as the account name. and ID as account number.
vlocity_cmt__PriceList__cSpecifies the Price List of an order.YesA valid Pricelist name must be configured in the TMForumPriceList metadata to add products to the cart. This pricelist must have a valid EPC setup in the Salesforce org.
stateSpecifies the state of an order.order.StatusSpecifies the status of an order.NoNA
TMForum FieldField typeTMForum DescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionIs Mandatory?
actionstringCategorizes the order from a business perspective that can be useful for the OM system.OrderItem.vlocity_cmt__Action__cSpecifies the action.Yes
idstringID of the product order item.OrderItem.Product2.vlocity_cmt__GroupGlobalKey__cSpecifies the unique identifier of a product.Yes
quantityQuanity of a product order item.OrderItem.QuantitySpecifies the quanity of an order product.No
TMForum FieldTMForum DescriptionSalesforce MappingSalesforce DescriptionIs Mandatory?
nameA string. Name of the related entity.NameSpecifies the name of the account.No
hrefAn uri (Uri). Hyperlink reference.TMF Account Url + AccountSpecifies the TMF Product Ordering GET URL ending with ID field.No
idA string. unique identifier.Account.AccountNumberSpecifies the external ID for the given account.Yes
roleA string. Role played by the related party.Account.AccountRecordTypeSpecifies the record type of the account.No
@referredTypeA string. The actual type of the target instance when needed for disambiguation.Schema object name i.e "Account"Specifies the entitye type is Account.No
@typeA string. When sub-classing, this defines the sub-class Extensible name.Json representation type i.e "RelatedParty"NAYes