Keep these considerations in mind when using Salesforce Healthcare API.

  • The expected response time when calling the Healthcare API is around 3 seconds.

    Salesforce recommends limiting the number of concurrent requests in your org to five. If you exceed this number, the API request can fail.

  • When you register your application, the registration is valid for 30 days. If the API isn't used in the last seven days, the registration expires. If you use the API in the last seven days before expiration, the registration is extended for the next 30 days.

  • Salesforce doesn't support FHIR semantic validation (codeset validation). The system calling the API is expected to send the right FHIR codes. For example, for the Procedure resource, the system should send the right CPT codes in the payload.

  • The format of SMART on FHIR scopes is not supported because Salesforce doesn't allow usage of wildcard characters in the OAuth Scopes.

  • In this release, the Patient FHIR API is not in the same domain as the other FHIR APIs. You can access the Patients API in the Health Cloud Developer Guide. In future releases, the domain name for all the FHIR APIS will be the same.