Get answers to these common questions about Salesforce Healthcare API.

How can I use Salesforce Healthcare API with my Salesforce Health Cloud instances?
To learn how to use the API, use the docs: Get Started, API Reference. Health Cloud users can use the Salesforce FHIR APIs in their Salesforce instances (production, staging, and sandboxes).

Do I need to purchase MuleSoft to use the new Healthcare APIs?
No. The Salesforce FHIR APIs are accessible as REST APIs. MuleSoft is used as the underlying API management platform and has no effect on how you interact with the APIs.

Is there an additional cost to use Salesforce Healthcare API?
The FHIR APIs are available to the existing Salesforce Health Cloud users at no additional cost. When the APIs are generally available, existing Health Cloud users will have access to them. However, to use the FHIR APIs, you must purchase a $0 SKU. For more information, contact a Salesforce Account Executive.

In future releases, Salesforce will introduce usage-based pricing models. These pricing models will allow customers to subscribe to the APIs.

When will other US Core FHIR APIs be available?
In this release, Salesforce has introduced the most important clinical resources. In future releases, Salesforce will introduce all the US Core FHIR APIs.

Where are the Salesforce FHIR APIs deployed?
In this release, the Healthcare APIs are deployed only in the US East data center. More data centers will be added in future releases.

Which version of Salesforce can be used for FHIR APIs?
Salesforce Winter ’23 release (API v56.0)