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Enable Loyalty Management Restaurant POS API Powered by MuleSoft Integration

After you set up the unlocked package, enable the Loyalty Management Restaurant POS API Powered by MuleSoft. The integration deploys the app to the AnyPoint Platform, applies policies, and creates named credentials, which are editable.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Integrations, and then select Integrations Setup.
  2. From the list of available integrations, select the integration that you want to enable, and then click Enable.
  3. Select the business group that you want to enable the integration for.
  4. Select the environment where you want to enable the integration.
  5. Enter an app name that is unique for your MuleSoft instance.
  6. Click Next.
  7. To connect to an external system, select None as the Authorization Protocol.
  8. Click Add Additional Parameters, and enter these keys and values:
    KeysValues client ID to connect to the queue. client secret to connect to the queue. name of the queue that you created to store the incoming order requests from the restaurant’s POS application. URL of the Anypoint MQ. For example, []. The URL format is: [https://mq-[region]]. For regions, see:
    grant_typeThe grant_type of the connected app. This parameter is optional, and the default value is client_credentials.
    loyalty.member-currency-nameThe ISO code of the currency, if the loyalty program is set up with multiple currencies. This is an optional parameter, which is used during voucher redemption.
    loyalty.program-nameThe name of the loyalty program.
    loyalty.shopify.enabledEnable or disable the Retail POS APIs endpoints. The default value is true. This parameter is optional.
    loyalty.user-messageAn optional message that describes the Loyalty Inquire request response.
    mule.authCodeMandatory parameters. The Restaurants API endpoints use a static API key for authentication, to enable access to set this value with a value that would be passed as an authorization header. The request is validated against this value.
    salesforce.connected_app.client_idThe client ID of the connected app.
    salesforce.connected_app.client_secretThe client secret of the connected app.
    salesforce.domainThe domain address of your Salesforce org, excluding https://>.
    salesforce.namespaceThe namespace of the deployed package. The default value is POSIntegration.
    queue.accrue.nameThe name of the queue that stores the accrue for processing. The default value is loyalty-accrue-queue.
  9. Click Proceed.

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