Ways to Integrate Loyalty Management With a POS System

Externalize APIs through POS either by integrating Loyalty Management with a POS system though an unlocked package or through a combination of unlocked package and MuleSoft. Let’s see the key differences between the unlocked package and MuleSoft integrations.

Loyalty Management POS API Unlocked PackageLoyalty Management POS API Powered by MuleSoft
Bundle components, metadata, and code into a package that can be easily distributed and installed in different Salesforce orgs.Connect different systems, applications, and data sources easily by using the integration platform, MuleSoft.
Integrate within Salesforce. Package and distribute your customizations, such as Apex code, Lightning components, and more, across Salesforce orgs.Integrate various applications and systems, and not just Salesforce. Build integrations across different technologies, databases, APIs, and protocols, and connect a variety of systems.
Integrate through an unlocked package if you have simple mappings.Integrate through MuleSoft if you have large volumes of order and complex mappings.
Use the package and modify it to build a point-to-point integration. Directly call the API from a POS system, and return details from Salesforce Loyalty Management.Use MuleSoft to build integrations through the unlocked package. Call API from a POS system, and return details from Salesforce Loyalty Management via API integrations through the unlocked package.
Extend integrations within the Salesforce org, with limited capability to scale the integration app and handle API error.Orchestrate complex enterprise-level integrations, with tools to monitor, manage, and scale integration apps, and handle API errors.