Prepare to Install Loyalty Management POS API Unlocked Package

Prepare your org before you install Loyalty Management POS API unlocked package.

In your Salesforce org, enable loyalty-specific licenses. See Enable Loyalty Management.

Create a loyalty program process and set up journal data.

  • For the Redemption journal type, add Redeem against order as the journal subtype.
  • For the Accrual journal type, add Purchase as the journal subtype.
  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Profiles, and then select Profiles.
  2. Clone the Standard User profile and rename the profile as POS Integration Kit User.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Under Standard Object Permissions, provide access to the Supported Standard Objects for POS Integration Kit user.

Create a user for the POS integration kit profile, and assign the Loyalty Management permission set to the user.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Users, and then select Users.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter details for the required fields.
  4. Select Salesforce as the user license.
  5. Select POS Integration Kit User as the profile.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. On the User page, click Permission Set Assignments.
  8. Click Edit Assignments, and add Loyalty Management to the Enabled Permission Sets list.
  1. Consolidate Member Points for Expiration. See Enable Consolidation of Fixed-Type, Non-Qualifying Points of Members in Batches.

  2. Enable Automatic Calculation of Points Expiration Date for Canceled Redemptions.

  3. Enable Person Accounts.

  4. To avoid duplicate person accounts, see Customize Duplicate Rules and Standard Person Account Matching Rule.

    Ensure that the currency in the POS system is the same as the loyalty program currency. See Loyalty Program Currencies.