Install the AMPscript Core Extension

The AMPscript Core extension is a helpful tool for creating and testing your AMPscript content. This page contains instructions for installing and using the extension.

Before you can install the AMPscript Core Extension, complete these steps:

  • Install Visual Studio Code from
  • Install the .NET SDK from
  • Install git.
    • On Windows, you can download Git from
    • On macOS, open the Terminal application, and then enter git --version. Follow the instructions for installing the Command Line Developer Tools. Alternatively, you can use a third-party package manager such as Homebrew to install Git.
    • Git is installed by default in most popular Linux distributions. If it isn't already installed in your distribution, see the documentation for your distribution's package manager for installation instructions.

The Git repository for the AMPscript Core extension contains example files that illustrate how the extension works.

  1. In a terminal window, enter git clone, and then press Enter.

The extension isn't available on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. You can install the extension manually by downloading a Visual Studio extension file (VSIX) from the project's Github page.

  1. Download the latest version of the VSIX file from the AMPscript Core releases page.
  2. In Visual Studio Code, on the Extensions tab, click the menu icon (The menu icon on the Extension tab in Visual Studio Code. The icon is an ellipis (three periods).), and then click Install from VSIX.
  3. Select the VSIX file, and then click Install.