Variables in AMPscript

AMPscript variable names always begin with the at sign (@).

You can declare a variable using the Var keyword. When you declare a keyword, it is added to a dictionary of variables. The value of a newly declared variable is null. You can only declare variables in AMPscript blocks. In other words, you can't declare variables in inline AMPscript strings.

This example declares a variable called "firstName".

You can use the Var keyword to declare multiple values in a single line. This example declares the "firstName", "lastName", and "contactCity" variables.

Use the Set keyword to assign a new value to a variable. This example declares the variable "contactCity" and sets its value to "Tokyo".

You can set the value of a variable to the value of a function. This example sets the "currentDate" variable to the current date using the FormatDate() and Now() functions.

If the current date is August 5, 2023, the "currentDate" variable would have the value "5 August 2023".