Creates a set of <option> tags that you can integrate into an HTML form on webpage.

The BuildOptionList() function has three parameters:

  • defaultSelection (string or number): Required. The option that is selected by default.
  • option1Value (string): Required. An identifier for the first option. The function sets the value parameter in the <option> tag to this value.
  • option1Text (string): Required. The display text for the option tag.

Each option in the list requires a value and a display text. You can create as many options as you need by appending them to the end of the function (option2Value, option2Text...).

To use this function, specify a default selection, and a value and display name for each option that you want to generate.

This example creates a short list of options, and embeds it in an HTML form that asks the user to choose one:

The example outputs this HTML code.

In a web browser, the generated code resembles this example.

A simple HTML form that contains a dropdown list. The text "Choose an option" is shown above the list. In the list itself, Option B is chosen by default.