Creates a rowset from a character string by splitting the string at the specified delimiter.

The BuildRowSetFromString() function has two parameters:

  • sourceData (string): Required. A string that contains the data to load into a rowset.
  • delimiter (string): Required. The character (such as a comma) that is used as a delimiter in the source data.

To call the function, pass it the string of data that you want to convert to a rowset, and the character that is used as a delimiter in the source data.

This example creates a variable with a string of data, and another variable that contains the delimiter for that data. The example uses these variables to create a rowset from the string of data.

The example returns a rowset with three rows.

This example shows how to pass and process attribute names.

When passed the following input:

The function returns:

Because this function returns the rowset in one column, and this column doesn’t have an assigned name, you refer to the column within a function using an ordinal number: