Returns an unordered rowset from a data extension. The function can return a rowset with up to 2,000 rows. This function is case-sensitive.

AMPscript includes several variations of the LookupRowsCS() function.

  • The LookupRows() function is a case-insensitive version of this function.
  • The LookupOrderedRows() function allows you to specify a column and direction to sort the rowset by.
  • The LookupOrderedRowsCS() function is a case-sensitive version of LookupOrderedRows().

The LookupRowsCS() function has three parameters.

  • dataExt (string): Required. The name of the data extension that contains the data that you want to retrieve.
  • searchColumn1 (string): Required. The name of the column to search. This value is case-sensitive.
  • searchValue1 (string): Required. The value in the specified column that identifies the rows to retrieve. This value is case-sensitive.

You can optionally append additional search columns and values to the end of the parameter string.

This example uses a data extension called "MembershipRewardsProgramme," which contains the data in this table.


This code retrieves a list of members where the value of the Area column is Chelsea.

The code example outputs an unordered list of results.