Returns the current system timestamp. When included in content for triggered sends, the time indicates when the triggered send definition for the message started or was republished.

The Now() function has one parameter:

  • boolPreserveEmailSentTime (boolean)—If the value of this property is true, the function returns the email send time for a subscriber. If the value is false, the function returns the current time and date. The default value is false.

To return the current time, call the Now() function without any parameters.

The function returns a date and time.

This table shows how the results that the Now() and GetSendTime() functions return vary in different situations.

FunctionAfter a list, DE, or manual send, returnsAfter a triggered or journey send, returns
Now()Current system timeCurrent system time
Now(true)Job start timeJob publish time
GetSendTime()Individual subscriber send completed timeIndividual subscriber send completed time
GetSendTime(true)Job start timeJob publish time

When used in CloudPages, the Now() function returns the current time, regardless of the value of the boolPreserveEmailSentTime parameter.