Creates an SMS conversation with a contact.

You can only use this AMPscript function in MobileConnect.

You can’t use this function with conversation-based templates, including Double Opt-In and Info Capture templates.

The CreateSmsConversation() function has four parameters:

  • originationNumber (string): Required. The phone number (such as a short code or long code) used in MobileConnect.
  • destinationNumber (string): Required. The contact’s phone number, including the country code.
  • nextKeyword (string): Required. The string to set as the next conversation keyword.
  • app (string): Required. The application used in the conversation. Specify MOBILECONNECT for this parameter. Any other value results in an error.

Use this function to initiate an SMS conversation with a contact. To use the function, pass it your short or long code, the contact's phone number, the keyword to use for the conversation, and the string MOBILECONNECT.

This function always returns true if successful, and an exception if it fails. For this reason, we recommend against using this function for decision making.