Configure Your Marketing Cloud Org

To enable Marketing Cloud in your Salesforce org, first complete several configuration steps to ensure that your org has a data model that Marketing Cloud recognizes and that your users have the appropriate permissions.

Marketing Cloud requires you to deploy certain data models in Data Cloud. An administrator can deploy these data models in the web interface.

For more information, see Preparing Your Marketing Cloud Org.

Provide each of the Marketing Cloud users in your org with their own user account. Grant each user only the permissions they require to do their job. Two permission sets are specific to Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Admin

This permission set provides access to most tasks in Salesforce Setup and full control on campaigns, segments, and flows.

Marketing Cloud Manager

This permission set gives full control to manage campaigns, segments, and campaign (non-admin) flows.

For more information about configuring Marketing Cloud user permissions, see Assign Permission Sets for Marketing Cloud.

To complete the setup process for Marketing Cloud, your org needs a Data Cloud admin. This admin installs data kits, deploys data streams, and configures identity resolution rules. Data Cloud admin permissions aren’t included with either of these permission sets. For more information about creating Data Cloud admin users, see Data Cloud Standard Permission Sets.

API users use standard Salesforce accounts. Access to Salesforce APIs is managed using Connected Apps.