Add an Asset

Create an asset and add it to the Einstein Content Selection asset pool. Asset class or type, and custom attributes are created implicitly if they don’t exist.

availabilitystring, enumRequired. Set whether the asset can be selected. Possible values are: Y, N
content_builder_idstring, Content Builder IDInstead of loading the image from a hosted URL or Data URL, create an image for this asset using HTML from the specified Content Builder item.
custommap, string → stringThe Asset Attributes to associate with this asset. New Attributes are created implicity if they don't exist. For example: locale: JP and segment: A3
display_time_zonestringThe timezone to show in-app timestamps for this asset. For example: UTC, Eastern Time (US & Canada)
end_datetimedatetime, ISO-8601The date and time the asset is no longer allowed to be selected. For example: 2021-07-23T13:45:15Z
fallbackstring, enumSet whether the asset can be selected as a fallback when rules disqualify all other content. Possible values are: Y, N
image_urlstring, URL, data URLRequired. Can be either a web-accessible URL hosting an image or a base-64 encoded Data URL containing image data.
keystringRequired. The asset's name. Must be unique to the account.
start_datetimedatetime, ISO-8601The start date and time the asset is allowed to be selected. For example: 2021-06-23T13:45:15Z
typestringRequired. Name of the asset's asset_class.
urlstring, URLThe redirect link to use when an asset is clicked.