Run an Identity Resolution Ruleset for Marketing Cloud Growth

Run an identity resolution ruleset job on demand by using the Data Cloud Identity Resolution Ruleset Run Now endpoint in Connect API.

Before you send a request to Connect API, obtain a bearer token. For more information, see Connect to REST-based APIs.

To run an identity resolution ruleset immediately, send a POST request to the /ssot/identity-resolutions/{identityResolutionRulesetName}/actions/run-now endpoint. Replace {identityResolutionRulesetName} with the name of the ruleset that you want to run.

If the request is accepted, the response body describes the result of running the ruleset.

There are four possible values for resultCode.

  • ExceededMaximumNumberOf​SuccessfulRunsAllowedIn24Hours
  • IdentityResolutionJobIsAlready​Running
  • NoPendingChangesJobRunSkipped
  • SuccessfullySubmittedIdentity​ResolutionJobRunRequest