Marketing Cloud Growth Video Library

The Salesforce Developers channel on YouTube contains videos that guide you through fundamental processes on the Salesforce platform.

Understanding the Salesforce APIs is a key component of interacting with Marketing Cloud Growth programmatically.

Success at Scale with Bulk API 2.0

Explore Bulk API 2.0 and learn how it can simplify your large-scale data workloads.

One of the things that makes Marketing Cloud Growth so powerful is its relationship to Data Cloud. Marketing Cloud Growth uses Data Cloud data model objects (DMOs) to store and manage marketing assets, customer consent tracking, campaign performance metrics, and more. You can also connect Data Cloud to other apps and services to stream and ingest data from them. These videos provide a helpful introduction to several important concepts in Data Cloud.

Creating Data Streams Using Salesforce CRM Connector

Learn what a Data Stream is and how to create a stream that ingests the contact data that you already have in Salesforce.

Using Ingestion API to Load Data Into Data Cloud

See the complete process of bringing new data into Data Cloud. While the scenario covered in the video deals with ingesting data from physical devices, you can use the principles covered in the video to bring information about your customers into Data Cloud.

Using Web SDK to Capture Interactions on a Website

Learn how to use the Salesforce Interactions Web SDK to track your customers’ interactions with your web properties and mobile apps.