Data privacy and trusted access are important considerations in the development of a secure marketing platform. To help improve the security of your marketing data, follow these guidelines.

Don’t share passwords or login information between multiple users, applications, or systems. If you work with integration partners, give each partner user a separate account. This step helps protect your customer data if a single account is compromised. It also makes it much easier to limit access and track actions that occur in your org.

When you create user accounts or connected apps, follow the Principle of Least Privilege. The Principle of Least Privilege states that each user or other entity must have only the minimum level of permissions that are necessary to get the job done. Following this principle provides a layer of protection for your data against unauthorized access, faults, and malicious actions.

The Salesforce Platform provides several tools for monitoring the security of your org and data.

Track Login History

To view login data for the past 6 months, use the Login History page in the Salesforce web app. The Login History page shows the HTTP login methods used, connected app logins, and more.

Track Changes to Object Fields

You can track changes to fields in custom and standard objects. Data is retained for at least 18 months, and it’s retained indefinitely when you enable Field Audit Trail.

Track Setup Changes

In orgs that have multiple admins, it can be helpful to see which user made a particular configuration change. To monitor configuration changes over the past 180 days, activate Setup Audit Trail in your org.

Protect your customer data and the availability of your org by testing in a sandbox. A sandbox org contains the same features and customer data as your production org. You can use a sandbox org for development, testing, and training, without worrying about compromising the data and applications in your production org.

For more information, see Sandboxes: Staging Environments for Customizing and Testing.