Retrieve a list of content items in a content workspace channel.

GET https://{subdomain}{channel_id}

subdomain (string)

Required. The unique API subdomain for your Salesforce org.

channel_id (string)

Required. The unique ID of the folder that you want to view the contents of.

Authorization (string)

Required. A unique, time-limited token that you can use to issue requests to Connect API. Replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with your authentication token.

200 OK

This response indicates that the API accepted your request to retrieve information about the content in a content workspace channel.

401 Unauthorized

This response indicates that the API wasn’t able to authorize your request. When you receive a 401 response, verify that your authorization token is still valid.

500 Server Error

This response indicates that an error prevented the API from processing your request. Make sure that the channel ID that you provided in the URL path is correct.