Publish content uploaded to your content workspace. You must publish a content item before you can use it in messages.

POST https://{subdomain}

subdomain (string)

Required. The unique API subdomain for your Salesforce org.

Authorization (string)

Required. A unique, time-limited token that you can use to issue requests to Connect API. Replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with your authentication token.

description (string)

A description of the publication request.

contentIds (array of string)

An array of content IDs to publish. This array is required if the variantIds array isn’t present.

variantIds (array of string)

An array of variant IDs to publish. This array is required if the contentIds array isn’t present.

includeContentReferences (boolean)

If this property is true, content references are included in the publish action.

201 Created

This response indicates that the API accepted your request to publish content items.

400 Bad Request

This response indicates that your request contained errors that prevented the content from being published. When you receive a 400 response, examine the request syntax for errors. This response can be returned if you specify an invalid contentId or variantId value in the request body.

401 Unauthorized

This response indicates that the API wasn’t able to authorize your request. When you receive a 401 response, verify that your authorization token is still valid.