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17000-17999 TriggeredSendDefinition Object

17000SystemTriggered Send Definition Cannot Be Activated
17001SystemTriggered Send Definition Cannot Be Canceled
17002SystemTriggered Send Definition Cannot Be Deactivated
17003SystemTriggered Send Definition Cannot Be Updated
17004SystemTriggered Send Definition Cannot Be Deleted
17005SystemTriggered Send Definition Content Cannot Be Refreshed
17010ValidationTriggered Send Definition Object ID or Customer Key Not Found
17011ValidationTriggered Send Type Not Found
17012ValidationTriggered Send Definiton Object ID Found
17013ValidationTriggered Send Definition Email ID or Partner Key Not Found
17014ValidationTriggered Send Definition Send Classification Not Found
17015ValidationTriggered Send Definition Not Found
17016ValidationTriggered Send Definition Email Not Found
17017ValidationTriggered Send Definition List Not Found
17018ValidationTriggered Send Definition Header Content Not Found
17019ValidationTriggered Send Definition Footer Content Not Found
17020ValidationTriggered Send Definition From Name Not Found
17021ValidationTriggered Send Definition From Address Not Found
17022ValidationTriggered Send Definition List Required
17023ValidationTriggered Send Definition Auto Add or Auto Update Not Found
17024ValidationTriggered Send Definition Delivery Profile Header Content Not Found
17025ValidationTriggered Send Definition Delivery Profile Footer Content Not Found
17100ValidationTriggered Send Definition Customer Key Invalid
17101ValidationTriggered Send Definition Name Invalid
17102ValidationTriggered Send Definition Email Subject Invalid
17103ValidationTriggered Send Definition Email Partner Key Invalid
17104ValidationTriggered Send Definition List Partner Key Invalid
17105ValidationTriggered Send Definition From Name Invalid
17106ValidationTriggered Send Definition From Address Invalid
17107ValidationTriggered Send Definition Keyword Invalid
17108ValidationTriggered Send Definition BCC Email Invalid
17110ValidationTriggered Send Definition Dynamic Email Subject Invalid
17111ValidationTriggered Send Definition Email Invalid
17112ValidationInvalid Personalization String
17113ValidationTriggered Send Definition Send Window Open Invalid
17114ValidationTriggered Send Definition Send Window Close Invalid
17200ValidationSend Speed Governor Not Enabled
17201ValidationBCC Email Not Enabled
17203ValidationMultipart MIME Not Enabled
17204ValidationDynamic Content Not Enabled
17205ValidationAll Subscribers Access Not Enabled