310000-310099 DataExtension Object

310001DataExtensionStubValidationErrorNoKeyFoundYou receive this error code if you don't provide any of the following three values: ObjectID, CustomerKey, Name. These three values are unique for a data extension for a memberID.
310002DataExtensionProcessValidationErrorDeleteObjectNotFoundYou supplied no valid keys and the object was not found for a delete operation.
310003DataExtensionProcessValidationErrorUpdateNotAllowedYou requested an add-only operation, but the keys provided matched an existing data extension.
310004DataExtensionProcessValidationErrorAddNotAllowedYou requested an update-only operation, but the keys provided did not match an existing data extension.
310005DataExtensionProcessValidationErrorAddWithObjectID - InvalidEmailAddressYou requested an add-only operation but also provided an ObjectID. ObjectID is generated by the system and can’t be specified by the caller.
310006DataExtensionProcessingError - InvalidEmailAddressA data validation error occurred when trying to save a data extension. The status message might contain more details on the field that caused the error.
310007DataExtensionValidationErrorThis error occurs when data provided for the data extension is not valid. The error message includes more information about the invalid data, and you can change or remove that data to eliminate the source of the error.