67000-67999 Property Definition

67000Property Definition Min Length Greater than Max Length
67001Property Definition Min Length or Max Length Not Defined
67002Property Definition No Name
67003Property Definition Name Does Not Start With Letter
67004Property Definition Name Contains Non-Alphanumeric Characters
67005Property Definition Name Is On List Of Restricted Words
67006Property Definition Name Already Exists
67007Property Definition Missing Picklist Items
67008Property Definition Invalid Picklist Item
67009Property Definition Multi-select Picklist Not Supported
67010Property Definition No Picklist Item Selected
67011Property Definition Selected Picklist Item Does Not Match Default Value
67012Property Definition Invalid Default Value
67013Property Definition Invalid Min Value
67014Property Definition Default Less Than Min Value
67015Property Definition Invalid Max Value
67016Property Definition Default Greater Than Max Value
67017Property Definition Default Too Short
67018Property Definition Default Too Long
67019Property Definition Min Value Or Max Value Not Defined
67020Property Definition Not Found
67021Property Definition Name Not Found
67022Property Definition Error Deleting
67023Property Definition ID Not Found
67024Property Definition No Change Name
67025Property Definition No Change Is Editable
67026Property Definition No Change Is Required
67027Property Definition No Change Is Send Time
67028Property Definition No Change Is Viewable
67029Property Definition No Change Min Value
67030Property Definition No Change Max Value
67031Property Definition No Change Min Length
67032Property Definition No Change Max Length
67033Property Definition No Change Default Value
67034Property Definition Maximum Count Exceeded
67035Property Definition Read Only Access