Creates a conversation with the specified MO user. Use this AMPscript function for MobileConnect. You cannot use this function with conversation-based templates, including Double Opt-In or Info Capture. Because this function always returns a true value, don't use this function as part of a decision-making workflow.

CreateSmsConversation(1, 2, 3, 4)

1stringRequiredShort code used for SMS communication
2stringRequiredMobile number value used to begin the conversation. You can use MOBILE_NUMBER to pass in the value as necessary.
3stringRequiredKeyword to use for the NEXT keyword function
4stringRequiredApp used in the conversation. Enter MOBILECONNECT.

As a response to the MO user, this example will create the conversation.

Please note that this function always returns true if successful. Failure will return an exception, so this function should not be used for decision making. Please note that this function should not be used in conversation based templates such as Double Opt-In, Vote/Survey or Info-Capture. Please note that this function only accepts "MOBILECONNECT" as Source. If any other value is provided, the user will receive an error message.