Provides a way for Enterprise 2.0 users to reference a landing page URL in the top-level business unit in an Enterprise 2.0 account from an email message in any child business unit within the same Enterprise 2.0 account. Use this function in an email to pass information via a URL in an encrypted query string. For example, you could share a single unsubscription or profile center page from the top-level account for use in email messages sent from any child business units within that account. This method passes information in an encrypted query string without passing subscriber information or values in clear text.

MicrositeURL(1, 2, 3)

1intRequiredPage ID for the landing page referenced in URL
2stringName for additional parameters included in encrypted query string
3stringValue for additional parameters included in encrypted query string

You can include multiple name and value pairs for parameters in this function. You cannot use these system-reserved query string names:

  • l
  • v
  • s
  • d
  • m
  • n

The example below uses additional parameters:

If you plan to add query strings to the URL, use Concat() to place an ampersand after the URL.

Note that non-Enterprise 2.0 accounts should use the microsite_base_url instead: