The AccountTypeEnum object contains values used to define accounts.

NameData TypeDescription
BUSINESS_UNITEnumerationIndicates a business unit account type
CHANNEL_CONNECTEnumerationIndicates a enterprise account type
CONNECTEnumerationIndicates an advanced account type
DOTO_MEMBEREnumerationIndicates an on-your-behalf account type
ENTERPRISE_2EnumerationIndicates an enterprise 2.0 account type
EXACTTARGETEnumerationIndicates a core account type
LP_MEMBEREnumerationIndicates a lock-and-publish account type.
NoneEnumerationDefault response type for AsyncResponseType.
PRO_CONNECTEnumerationIndicates a reseller account type
PRO_CONNECT_CLIENTEnumerationIndicates a reseller client account type