Add Subscribers to a List

This page contains information on adding subscribers to a subscriber, publication, or suppression list via the SOAP API. You can add subscribers to an existing list using the the information in this document.

You can use the SOAP API to programmatically add users to a list.

Use the sample code below as an example of how to construct your calls. Modify the call as necessary to fit the needs of your development environment or other system.

When dealing with batches of subscribers, start the process with an update call and fall back to a create call as necessary, as each subscriber only needs to be created once. After being created, the subscriber is on the All Subs list. All other list operations are performed with an update.

Setting subscriber status to Active ensures that, when they are added to the list, that subscriber is always added in Active status, regardless of what happened in the past.

You can also review the PHP sample code available in the SDK on Github.

Sample PHP Code