Marketing Cloud Engagement API References

Marketing Cloud Engagement offers two APIs. Both APIs share a common authentication mechanism based on OAuth2.

  • REST API provides broad access to capabilities throughout Marketing Cloud Engagement.
  • SOAP API provides comprehensive access to most email functionality.

To use either API, you need a client ID and secret, obtained from the Installed Packages page in Marketing Cloud Engagement Setup. The APIs don't have full parity. Some use cases require you to use both SOAP and REST to accomplish your business goals.

You don't need a user to use the APIs. However, you do need a Marketing Cloud Engagement user to create an API integration on the Installed Packages page. The user must have the Installed Package > Administer permission.

REST API uses JSON request and response bodies and resource endpoints to support multi-channel use. All Marketing Cloud Engagement features implement REST API. REST calls are synchronous.

SOAP API uses SOAP envelopes to pass information between your systems and Marketing Cloud Engagement. You can use SOAP API to handle several email-related requirements.

  • Tracking
  • Subscribers and lists
  • Automations
  • Triggered sends (also available in REST API)
  • Content
  • Most other email activities

To ensure the availability of Marketing Cloud Engagement for all customers, we place limits on API usage. For a list of these limits, see API Limits and Guidelines.