Endpoints, Methods, and Objects for Asynchronous Processing

Make sure the endpoints, methods, and objects you use support asynchronous processing.

All instances: https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.soap.marketingcloudapis.com

These methods support asynchronous processing.

  • Create, passing a properly configured CreateOptions object
  • Update, passing a properly configured UpdateOptions object
  • Delete, passing a properly configured DeleteOptions object
  • Perform, passing a properly configured PerformOptions object

All objects available in the WSDL can be processed asynchronously. Use CustomerKey or SubscriberKey instead of ID or ObjectID for objects that you include in a conversation.

These objects have full CRUD Support with CustomerKey or SubscriberKey.

  • TriggeredSendDefinition
  • ImportDefinition
  • EmailSendDefinition
  • SubscriberKey
  • DataExtension

These objects are commonly used for asynchronous processing.

  • TriggeredSend
  • SMSTriggeredSend
  • VoiceTriggeredSend
  • DataExtensionObject