Use the AsyncResponse object to modify the data that is returned in response to an asynchronous API request. The object is available for 30 days after initial response. If you want to retrieve the Result object and also want to reduce the size of the response message, set the value of IncludeObjects to true.

NameData TypeDescription
IncludeObjectsBooleanWhen true, the API object is included in the response.
IncludeResultsBooleanWhen true, the Result objects are included in the response.
OnlyIncludeBaseBooleanWhen true, the response object contains only the base API object information. Includes basic reference data associating object and request.
RespondWhenRespondWhen objectSpecifies which events cause responses to be sent for the request.
ResponseAddressStringThe email address or public URL to send responses to.
ResponseTypeAsyncResponseType objectThe type of response associated with an asynchronous operation.

Asynchronous Processing