Automation Studio API

Marketers and developers use Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud to perform multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis.

You can use the Automation Studio REST APIs to:

  • Initiate marketing automations.
  • To upload, download, decrypt, compress, and decompress files.
Supported Use CaseHTTP MethodResource
Retrieve File Transfer LocationsGET/data/v1/filetransferlocations/
Retrieve a summary of multiple File Transfer ActivitiesGET/automation/v1/fileTransfers/
Retrieve detailed information on a single File Transfer ActivityGET/automation/v1/fileTransfers/{FileTransferId}/
Create a new File Transfer ActivityPOST/automation/v1/fileTransfers/
Delete a File Transfer ActivityDELETE/automation/v1/fileTransfers/{FileTransferId}/
Perform a File Transfer Activity asynchronouslyPOST/automation/v1/fileTransfers/{FileTransferId}/start/
Update a File Transfer ActivityPATCH/automation/v1/fileTransfers/{FileTransferId}/
Supported Use CaseHTTP MethodResource
Start an automation by posting a file’s details for evaluation by Automation Studio.POST/automation/v1/automations/trigger
Get the status of a specified Trigger API requestIDGET/automation/v1/automations/trigger/status/{requestID}