Automation Studio API

Marketers and developers use Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud to execute multistep marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis.

Marketing developers, service providers, and third-party developers use the Automation Studio Trigger REST API to initiate marketing automations.

Marketing Cloud listens for the trigger API and runs the automation when a file that matches the pattern is uploaded.

Diagram showing 4 levels of trigger automations: build automation, listen for file upload, trigger api request, automation starts.

This table shows the resources in Automation Studio REST API, with links to each page.

HTTP MethodResourceDescription
POST/automation/v1/automations/triggerStarts an automation by posting a file’s details for evaluation by Automation Studio.
GET/automation/v1/automations/trigger/status/{requestID}Get the status of a specified Trigger API requestID.